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Is Farrah Abraham Recording A New Album?

full size Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images In case you weren't aware, Farrah Abraham recently graced the city of Austin with her presence for a lil' something-something called the South By Southwest (aka SXSW). We're not sure why the former Teen Mom star was at this annual music and media festival (unless Austin has a nunnery we don't Farrah superstar full video know about?), but girlfriend had a great time hitting parties and livin' la vida loca. In fact, we have some amazing news for the music industry/people with ears. Farrah was so inspired by her experience at SXSW that it looks like it has reignited her love for making music! After hitting up the Austin Music Awards, Farrah tweeted "this #1 city for music is rubbing off on me! #MUSIC." OMG guys, she hashtagged "music." Things must be serious! We can only hope that Farrah's time in Austin has inspired her to create another groundbreaking "album" like My Teenage Dream Ended.

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